Glasser Bows Reconditioning Program

GWSD Is Now Managing The Glasser Reconditioning Program

All Authorized Dealers are automatically eligible to participate in the Reconditioning Program. Dealers can send used bows and instruments back to Glasser in exchange for like-new replacements. We know this service is invaluable for your customers, rental fleets, and school business. 

Dealers can find the form and more when you log in at

UPDATED 2021 Glasser Reconditioning Program Instructions:

  1. A completed Glasser Reconditioning form and tracking number for your return shipment MUST be emailed in advance to AND a copy of the form needs to be included with the shipment of used bows for reconditioning.

    Glasser NY / GWSD Reconditioning
    c/o Panasonic Logistic Solutions America
    9850 Siempre Viva Road, Suite #3,
    San Diego, CA 92154
    TEL: 619.661.6996

  3. GWSD will invoice you or charge your cc on file. DO NOT send payments or credit card information with the used bows.
    All payments are due upon receipt and SHOULD BE sent to:
    270 Oak Tree Rd, Unit B,
    Palisades NY, 10964


  • All bows are a 1 for 1 exchange inside the instrument family (VN-VA/C/B). You may change the sizes that you order within the same instrument family.
  • Please inquire to about Reconditioning Glasser Instruments and Gold Mounted bows.
  • The Glasser Reconditioning program is for ALL model Glasser Bows. Glasser reconditioned bows are not intended for resale. Violation of this policy will disqualify you as a Glasser Authorized Dealer.
  • We can supply surplus reconditioned bows for your rental fleets only without trade for a $5 upcharge per bow. Surplus bows are only available for sale on the webstore. Surplus reconditioned bows are not for resale.
  • Reconditioned bows with colored stick and/or hair are also an $8 upcharge.
  • There is a $15 packaging and handling fee per order.
  • Please provide a shipping account for return shipping otherwise we will ship on our account and bill you for return freight.
  • We provide you reconditioned Glasser Fiberglass Bows in exchange for other brands. We do accept other brand bows on trade. The wooden and Chinese fiber bows are donated to various charities.

The Glasser Reconditioning program was established in 1976. Millions of Glasser Bows have been serviced along the way. Thank you for your business.

Glasser Reconditioned Bow
Bring life back to old bows
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