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Glasser Bows has long been a world leader in developing innovative products with the use of composite materials. Glasser Carbon Composite instruments are the latest development. Built to last, they look and sound great. Glasser’s patent pending designs make for instruments with excellent tonal quality and incredible durability. All Glasser instruments come with a limited lifetime warranty and are eligible for service or upgrade through Glasser’s Reconditioning Program.

Glasser instruments are available in both acoustic and acoustic-electric models, with 4-string and 5-string options in a variety of colors and finishes. All Glasser instruments are set-up with Larsen Strings, Planetary Tuning Pegs, and a Glasser carbon composite tailpiece with 4 fine tuners for the ultimate tunability.

These instruments can be purchased individually or as a part of an outfit. All violin and cello outfits include Glasser bows, cases or gig bags, and accessories that enhance their value to the customer. The Glasser Custom Shop allows you to select custom instruments, cases or bags, bows, and accessories to get your customer their perfect outfit.

Glasser Violin

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