Glasser Accessories

Bass Chairs

Extremely high-quality bass chairs are available in both adult and junior sizes. Heavy duty lumbar support also available.

Bass Transport Wheels

Glasser Bass Transport Wheels are extremely durable and come in a variety of shaft diameters to fit virtually any bass. Available with or without brake.

Carbon Fiber Endpins

Glasser has top-quality woven carbon fiber endpins for cello and bass. The endpin’s unique tightening mechanism gives it incredible holding power and stability.

Cases & Quiver

Glasser has a leather bass bow quiver and several durable travel cases for your bows in a variety of sizes.

Instrument Stands

Glasser’s patented adjustable-height instrument stands are rugged and versatile. Available individually or in bulk packs.

Perfection Pegs

Perfection Pegs are for players of all levels—from students to concert halls. They are available in a variety of diameters to best fit your instrument.

Rosin & String Cleaner

Quality rosins from Glasser NY, Larsen Strings and Royal Oak (rosin and string cleaner).

Tailpieces - Glasser NY

All Glasser Carbon Composite Tailpieces are made of an ultra-light carbon fiber loaded composite material. They include a nylon coated braided steel cable tailpiece fasteners and four built-in adjusters for easy fine tuning.

Tailpieces - Swordtail

The Swordtail is a patent-pending active tailpiece system for cello and upright bass. Now available in single channel (cello and bass) or dual channel with active/passive switch and channel balance control (bass only).

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