Glasser BOWS

Established in 1938, Glasser Bows has been the industry leader in bows for more than 80 years. Our patented Braided Carbon Fiber bows are the ideal choice for serious musicians. They offer exceptional performance and are highly responsive.

Fiberglass Bows

Glasser, the company that invented and patented the world’s first Fiberglass bow offers students the best alternative to wooden bows. They are extremely durable and, like all Glasser Bows, are covered by our limited lifetime warranty. Our bow is comfortable in the hand and plays with outstanding responsiveness. All Glasser fiberglass bows come with unbleached horsehair, a satin black finish is standard, and are eligible for the Reconditioning Program.

Composite Graphite Bows

A pioneer in composite technology for decades, Glasser has developed a number of composite/graphite bows each with a different look and feel. Designed for the advancing player, the X, AC, CG, and Texalium series bows use different recipes of composite materials and fittings.

All composite bows are nickel mounted with a Paulus ebony frog, nickel-silver wound, have an imitation lizard grip, a three-part button, come with unbleached natural white horsehair, and are covered by our limited lifetime warranty. They can be customized with different stick/hair colors similar to the options for the SH Series fiberglass bows.

Nickel-Silver Mounted BCF Bows

Unlike other composite bows, our proprietary processes and unique solid core give Glasser BCF bows an even feel and balance. A clear finish showcases the aesthetic beauty of this bow’s braided design. All Glasser BCF bows are mounted with the finest fully lined Paulus ebony and snakewood frogs, have high quality selected bow hair, and are covered by our limited lifetime warranty.

Silver & Gold Mounted BCF Bows

Glasser BCFS and BCFG silver and gold mounted bows are produced and hand-selected for their quality. The weight and balance of these highly-finished sticks are designed and chosen to best match the specific sterling or gold fittings. Custom weight requests can be accommodated.

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