Glasser Reconditioning Program

What is it?

Even the best bows and instruments suffer from wear and tear with usage, and need periodic maintenance. The Glasser Reconditioning Program brings old instruments and bows back to life. If you are a customer who has a used Glasser instrument or bow in need of refurbishment or repair, please take it to your local Glasser Authorized Dealer.

How Does it Work?

Glasser Authorized Dealers can send used bows and instruments back to Glasser to be refurbished. All Glasser Authorized Dealers are automatically eligible to participate in the Reconditioning Program. Used customer or rental instruments or bows can be exchanged for refurbished products. Please visit your local Glasser Authorized Dealer.

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Click to Download Dealer Reconditioning PDF Order Form (must save PDF to computer or device then submit via email)